When I was in 3rd grade or so, I had a friend in my class who owned a peculiar book. From what I remember, it was taller and wider than a regular book, but much thinner and full of nothing but photos. We would look through it from time to time when the teacher wasn’t around and I remember requesting him to bring it on many occasions… a request I would always regret once the day was over and it was bedtime. The subject matter was consistent; dead people. Decomposing people photographed in a portrait like manner.

Specifically, the photos were of remains of coffins that were dug up mere decades after their burial. Probably less time had passed; many of them had suits and dresses on that were not completely eaten away. They were mainly just skeletons with clothes on, and some even had some hair left. One photo was of a woman who apparently was buried alive; a separate photo of the top of the coffin contained scratches and pieces of fingernails.

To this day I do not know what the book was, why it was made or how it fell into the hands of school children … and yes, I would love a copy.


this is a blog of the interestingly disturbing…

3 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. i searched facebook for the third time and FINALLY found the childhood friend who I believe owned the book… I just asked him about it and am waiting for a response….

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