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The Art of Nick Blinko

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Nick Blinko (born 4 September 1961) is a British musician, lyricist, and artist best known as the lead singer, lyricist and guitar player for the British band Rudimentary Peni. He is also known for being an “outsider” artist who creates all the drawings used by the band for its artwork. [from wikipedia

Alt. Text
One of Blinko’s drawings

Nick Blinko suffers from schizophrenia and supposedly once believed himself to be the Pope. Many of his nightmarishly detailed drawings focus on religion and death. Unfortunately, nobody has published a book of his art, which is so painstakingly detailed that Google images do not do them justice. So far, the only way to obtain his art is by buying the Rudimentry Peni albums (I own them all 😉 ), aside from a few illustrations in his book, The Primal Screamer, which is a hard to obtain novel.

A small collection of his artwork can be viewed here, and a popular article on Nick Blinko can be found here.

As far as his music is concerned, I would recommend Rudimentary Peni’s EPs of RP. (Which apparently goes for about $60 nowadays!)