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3 Creepy Soup Videos

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In order of creepiness…


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The Child Molester

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A Highway Safety Film

The video would not embed, but you can view it here.

Bringing out the big ones here on the creepiness scale. I originally saw the highly disturbing educational short “The Child Molester” as a bonus feature when I purchased the DVD of “Hell’s Highway”, a documentary on highway safety films (ie; Red Pavement, etc… we will leave those for another post). This particular educational film was geared towards a very young audience, much too young for the subject matter. This film does contain GRAPHIC CONTENT at the very end (aprx 18m into it).

However, the reason I chose this short was the simple fact that even without the ending it would still be completely traumatizing to an 8 year old. It has every aspect of creepy. You’ve got your creepy melody and matching title screen right from the start, your typical mondo-era narrator pushing you along throughout the plot and all while playing through a 1960s film reel that looks like it’s been melting in a dungeon for 30 years. I understand wanting to warn children about talking to strangers, but this took it a bit far.

The film in a nutshell


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Heads Blow Up

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Heads Blow Up, a collection of head explosions throughout film by James Rolfe of

Gruesome Bakery

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Bread Heads

Bread Heads

The best thing since sliced bread… is sliced heads! This is edible food, shaped to look like realistic human body parts. They are the product of 28-year old Kittiwat Unarrom and his ‘Body Bakery’ in Thailand. I would buy some today if it was nearby!


Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on February 2, 2011 by elgrayso is a great website that allows readers to submit their childhood fears for all to see. Typically these comes from movies, books and television shows from the 1970s-90s. Submitters can even call upon the community to help them identify a particular fear by describing it. For instance, somebody may describe a scene in a movie, and often times the kindertrauma community will know what it is! It is a great source of entertainment and is updated daily.

You can view one of my recent “trauamafessions” here, and an older one here.