Kindertrauma is a great website that allows readers to submit their childhood fears for all to see. Typically these comes from movies, books and television shows from the 1970s-90s. Submitters can even call upon the community to help them identify a particular fear by describing it. For instance, somebody may describe a scene in a movie, and often times the kindertrauma community will know what it is! It is a great source of entertainment and is updated daily.

You can view one of my recent “trauamafessions” here, and an older one here.

One Response to “Kindertrauma”

  1. You probably saw that face because you have seen too many scary stuff from that book your friend always brought to school. Or, maybe you saw the ghost! I have fear of riding a bike because I got into an accident with an elderly in elementary school. I am not sure if I can ride a bike again, but I can try.

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