6 Responses to “Gummo”

  1. Great film. I’ve always been really fond of Harmony Korine’s stuff. I heard him once say that he just wasn’t happy with the way that movies dealt with story and I really like his take on it. I find Ed Templeton’s stuff to be kinda similar to his but in more photographic form. His book Deformer is also pretty tight.

    If you haven’t seen it yet I’d recommend the movie Beautiful Losers

    It has both of them in it and whole bunch of other similar artists.

    • one of my friends once said they saw a movie about “harmony korine and his friends being pretentious and walking around.” do you think he was talking about this movie? and if so is that what its like?

      • Probably, Its a pretty good movie. I didn’t think they were being pretentious but i guess they could come off like that. Also Great Mystery Science 3000 robot.

  2. Grayson – Gummo is in my top 3 movies of all time. When I visited Vancouver (before moving here) I saw his most recent film, Trash Humpers at the Vancouver International Film Festival. I thought it was fantastic.

  3. What does Gummo stand for? You site really makes me feel depressed. I think the background music suits well with the footages – very mysterious. “Life is great. Without it, you would be dead.” -> I don’t know if I agree with that!

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