Two-Headed Dog and Decapitated Living Dog Head

Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov was a Soviet scientist and organ transplant pioneer, who did several transplantations in the 1930s and 1950s, such as the transplantation of a heart into an animal and a lung-heart replacement in an animal. He is also well-known for his transplantation of the heads of dogs. He conducted his dog head transplants during the 1950s, resulting in two-headed dogs, and this ultimately led to the head transplants in monkeys by Dr. Robert White, who was inspired by Demikhov’s work. [from Wikipedia]

Demikhov’s Two-Headed Dog

Roky Erickson’s song: Two-Headed Dog


Two-headed dog two headed dog
I’ve been working in the Kremlin
With a two-headed dog

3 Responses to “Two-Headed Dog and Decapitated Living Dog Head”

  1. These experiments with animals are shocking and cruel! Fortunately there are large movements of people who question the ethics of scientists working with animals in captive and inhumane ways. The ethics of using animals for ANY scientific testing and experimentation is deeply problematic. It indicates human’s thinking that posits other species as consumable objects that can be treated without regard for the intrinsic worth without regard for the other beings’ experience.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    These experiments are what enabled you to get donor organs of blood transfusions today.
    They aren’t so much positing animals as consumable objects, as the countermovements posit animals as superior to humans and human life as expendable.

    The countermovements that can only exist in the societies they rebel against, run by people who generally take advantage of its services, btw.

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