The Brothers Quay

Stille Nacht I Dramolet (1988)

Stephen and Timothy Quay (born June 17, 1947 in Norristown, Pennsylvania) are American identical twin brothers better known as the Brothers Quay or Quay Brothers. They are influential stop-motion animators. [from Wikipedia]

4 Responses to “The Brothers Quay”

  1. This video is awesome. Thanks for showing me their work. What do you think of Chris Cunningham’s work?

  2. thanks a lllot for this! I saw one of their movies in Tv in my parent’s home a long long time ago, very late at night…………. I just forgot the name of the authors of it and sometimes i was thinking but… nothing came to my memory! I hadn’t had any internet or wathever in those years so… well, thanks!

    I am also watching your blog sometimes because you are puting here very interesting stuff. Sometimes is too creepy for me but your blog is great!

    blah blah, keep on trucking hahah

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