Nick Blinko

Not only was Nick Blinko the musical drive behind the brilliantly twisted Rudimentary Peni, he was an amazing artist. Blinko’s works are very recognizable by their extreme amount of detail, dark subject matter and disregard of formal composition. He is considered as an “outside artist” as he suffers from schizophrenia and supposedly once believed himself to be the Pope. Many of his nightmarishly detailed drawings focus on religion and death. Unfortunately, nobody has published a book of his art, which is so painstakingly detailed that Google images do not do them justice. So far, the only way to obtain his art is by buying the Rudimentary Peni albums (as well as his earlier band, the Magits) and his book, The Primal Screamer, which contains a few illustrations.

*this is an improved version of an early post that I felt was lacking in content.

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