This blog documents things that are interesting, creepy and often disturbing. It contains posts of videos, photos, artwork and anything else that I find worthy to the collection. Anarchist Coloring Book is inspired by Adam Parfrey’s Apocalypse Culture collections, the Mütter Museum and the general creepiness we stumble upon in everyday life.

The present author attempts to detach himself from the subjects. Often little to no commentary is provided, this is why Wikipedia descriptions are widely used.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. You should do a blog about Odilon Redon

    His stuff is very creepy. However, he does have some stuff that isn’t creepy. If you look him up on google images and don’t see anything, don’t stop..

    These are some of my favorites…….

    The Smiling Spider:

    (look at how many legs it has…..)

    Spirit of the Forest:

  2. Inspiration by Theo Jensen. Thank you for this site. Wildly entertaining

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