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Jose Posada

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Happy Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)!

Johanna Parker’s Halloween Folk Art

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You can learn more about Johanna’s amazing Halloween themed works (and even find out where to buy some) at her website! I got a reproduction of one of the cats for my parents.

Bill Sienkiewicz

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Tales of Mystery and Imagination (1919)

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Harry Clarke’s book “Tales of Mystery and Imagination” contains amazing Poe inspired illustrations from the early 20th century.

Monstrorum Historia

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selections from Ulisse Aldrovani’s Monstorum Historia (History of Monsters), 1642

Aeron Alfrey

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Aeron Alfrey is a very interesting artist who uses collage and photography to create his hauntingly detailed black and white worlds. His work reminds me of a modern Joel-Peter Witkin using Photoshop as his medium

Daniel Pielucha

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Justin Bartlett

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Earlier this month I showed you some sculpture art by Olivier De Sagazan. His sculptures are amazing, however he is probably more known for his performance art.


and a similar performance piece

Olivier De Sagazan

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HR Giger Bar

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The Giger-Bar which, today, exists in the Swiss city of Chur, was originally planned for New York City. When it became apparent that the budget for the bar envisioned for New York was not going to be enough to allow for the design and construction of the elements which had been planned for it, Giger decided it would be wiser to wait until it could be financed properly.

Fortunately, Thomas Domenig came into Giger’s life at about the same time. Domenig is the number-one architect of Chur. He built about a third of the city. There were plans for a café in his Kalchbuhl-Center, which was already under construction, and Giger had, evidently, shown up at just the right moment. He was able to convince Domenig to change his plans and back the idea of a bar.

The furniture program for the Giger-Bar was significantly expanded by the new designs for a chair, a glass topped table and the bar itself. The establishment’s door is that of Giger’s armoire design, enlarged by one third. The oval mirrors, the wall lamps and the special coat racks were also designed by Giger and carried out with the aid of Giger’s most important team of technical experts, de Fries, Schedler, Ammann, Vaterlaus, Gruber and Brigitte von Kanel.

Construction took, approximately, two years. The bar’s official opening was on February 8, 1992, three days after Giger’s birthday.

It is Giger’s hope that, one day, a Giger-Bar can still be realized in New York City, his favorite amongst all the cities of the world.
[from HR Giger official website]

I wanted to add that in addition to his bars, Giger has made other functional art pieces including guitars, a microphone stand and various pieces of furniture.

[note: also included are photos from the other Giger Bar in Gruyéres, Switzerland]

Jules Germain Cloquet

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Jules Germain Cloquet (18 December 1790 – 23 February 1883) was a French physician and surgeon who was born and practiced medicine in Paris. Cloquet was a skilled artist; in his best-known work, Anatomie de l’homme, most of the 1300 illustrations were drawn by him. He was the inventor of several surgical instruments, including an arterial forceps. He also had a keen interest in alternative medical practices such as mesmerism and acupuncture. [from Wikipedia]

Denise Grünstein

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The Illustrated Book of Japanese Monsters

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Gojin Ishihara (1972)




Kamila Mlynarczyk

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To see more art by Kamila Mlynarczyk, visit her photostream.


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“Mound” by Allison Schulnik

Daisuke Ichiba

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Jacques Gautier d’Agoty

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Jacques Gautier d’Agoty was a French painter and engraver in the 18th century.

Joe Coleman

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Altar Demon


Albert Fish

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

Divine Comedy


Sexual Fantasy

For more on this artist, read my review of the Joe Coleman documentary, Rest In Pieces: A Portrait of Joe Coleman.




Jim Thorell

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