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Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


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Malice In Wonderland (1982)

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Un Chien Andalou – Razor Scene

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from the 1929 silent film by director Luis Buñuel and artist Salvador Dalí

The Cameraman’s Revenge (1912)

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Street Trash – Toilet Scene

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Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times)

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Armin Meiwes, Cannibal

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Armin Meiwes (born 1 December 1961) is a German man who achieved international notoriety for killing and eating a voluntary victim whom he had found via the Internet. After Meiwes and the victim jointly attempted to eat the victim’s severed penis, Meiwes killed his victim and proceeded to eat a large amount of his flesh. Because of his acts, Meiwes is also known as the Rotenburg Cannibal or Der Metzgermeister (The Master Butcher).

Looking for a willing victim, Meiwes posted an advertisement at a website, The Cannibal Cafe, whose disclaimer mentions the distinction between reality and fantasy. Meiwes’s post stated that he was “looking for a well-built 18 to 30-year-old to be slaughtered and then consumed”. Bernd Jürgen Brandes then answered the advertisement. Many other people responded to the advertisement, but backed out; Meiwes did not attempt to force them to do anything against their will.

As is known from a videotape the two made when they met on 9 March 2001 in Meiwes’s home in the small village of Rotenburg, Meiwes amputated Brandes’s penis and the two men attempted to eat the penis together before Brandes was killed. Brandes had insisted that Meiwes attempt to bite his penis off. This did not work and ultimately, Meiwes used a knife to remove Brandes’s penis. Brandes apparently tried to eat some of his own penis raw, but could not because it was too tough and, as he put it, “chewy”. Meiwes then fried the penis in a pan with salt, pepper, wine and garlic; he then fried it with some of Brandes’s fat but by then it was too burned to be consumed. He then chopped it up into chunks and fed it to his dog. According to journalists who saw the video (which has not been made public), Brandes may already have been too weakened from blood loss to actually eat any of his penis. Meiwes read a book for three hours, while Brandes lay bleeding in the bath. Meiwes apparently gave him large quantities of alcohol and pain killers, 20 sleeping pills and a bottle of schnapps, kissed him and finally killed him in a room that he had built in his house for this purpose, the Slaughter Room. After stabbing Brandes to death in the throat, he hung the body on a meat hook and tore chunks of flesh from it; he even tried to grind the bones to use as flour. The whole scene was recorded on the two-hour video tape. Meiwes ate the body over the next 10 months, storing body parts in his freezer under pizza boxes and consuming up to 20 kilograms (44 lb) of the flesh. [from Wikipedia]

For more information, I highly suggest watching the 60 minutes interview.

Also, a German film titled “Grimm Love”, was made based on the incident (above).

Should Meiwes be punished for his actions, even though his victim was a willing participant? What do you think? Answer in the comments!

Fantastic Planet

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La Cochon Danseur (The Dancing Pig)

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France, 1907

the best part is at the end (2:06)

Jiri Trnka

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Jiří Trnka  (24 February 1912, Plzeň – 30 December 1969, Prague) was a Czech puppet maker, illustrator, motion-picture animator and film director, renowned for his stop motion puppet animations. [from Wikipedia]

The last of Trnkas films The Hand was an unexpected and surprising break in his work thus far. It was something completely new in content and form. The Hand is a merciless political allegory which strictly follows story outline without developing lyrical details as usual it had a strong dramatic arc with deep catharsis in the end. Trnka had used a combination of his typical funny-foolish but undefeated ordinary man puppet as the protagonist and a live-action human hand (naked or in gloves) as the despotic antagonist. When The Handwas released it was officially declared as Trnkas criticism of the Cult of Personality (Stalin) but for all people it was an alarming allegory of human existence in a totalitarian society. The film had the strong up-to-date story about the Artist and the omnipresent Hand which only allowed the Artist to make sculptures of the Hand and nothing else. The Artist was sent to a prison for his disobedience and pressed to hew a huge sculpture of the Hand. When the omnipresent Hand caused the Artists death the same Hand organizes the artists State funeral with all artists honoured. Trnka for the first time openly expressed his opinion about his own inhuman totalitarian society. The Hand was one of the first films that helped to open the short Pragues Spring. It is curious that Trnka predicted his own fate in it. When Jiri Trnka died in November 1969 (at only 57 years of age) he had a State funeral with honours. Only four months later The Hand was banned all copies were confiscated by the secret police put in a safe and the film was forbidden for screening for next twenty years. A seventeen minute long puppet film intimidated the unlimited power of the Totalitarian State.  [from unknown author]

Last House on Dead End Street

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Der Todesking

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The Brothers Quay

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Stille Nacht I Dramolet (1988)

Stephen and Timothy Quay (born June 17, 1947 in Norristown, Pennsylvania) are American identical twin brothers better known as the Brothers Quay or Quay Brothers. They are influential stop-motion animators. [from Wikipedia]

Tod Browning’s Freaks

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Lady in the Radiator Song

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the original

the Pixie’s cover


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“…makes Eraserhead look like ‘Ernest Saves Christmas”– Critics’ Choice, Time Magazine


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