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Johanna Parker’s Halloween Folk Art

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You can learn more about Johanna’s amazing Halloween themed works (and even find out where to buy some) at her website! I got a reproduction of one of the cats for my parents.

Horror Show

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I recently made this podcast for Halloween.
It features retro-horror radio ads mixed in with the dark and macabre sounds of Post-Punk and Goth music.

stream it or download for later!

Bill Sienkiewicz

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Haunted Air: Halloween Photos 1875-1955

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Happy Halloween! I thought I would celebrate by showing you some really awesome photography. Haunted Air is a brand new book (released in the last few days) of Halloween photos taken between 1875 and 1955. I don’t own this (yet!), so I can’t say too much about it, but I will say the photos I have seen immediately reminded me of the old school creepy masks found in some of Diane Arbus’ work. The book is appropriately introduced by none other than David Lynch.

William Basso

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October Shadows

The Halloween Lady

Gifts For Ill-Mannered Children



Hidden Still Life (photography)

Masque of the Red Death